Returning home

After the new home situation has been taken care of, your relative can move home safely. The exit interview is part of this, as well as packing and moving your relative’s personal belongings. When your relative has returned home, the general practitioner is responsible for their care again.

What will happpen

Exit interview

In some cases the center will plan an exit interview. It is great if you are present, so you can receive important information and ask questions.


When your relative is not able to pack their own belongings anymore, it is appreciated if you help.


You are responsible for organising your relative and their items transport back home. It might be difficult to organise this yourself. When your relative is in a wheelchair, you need wheelchair transport. If transport is difficult to organise, the center can help you.

Intake at-home care

When at-home care is necessary the district nurse will plan an intake. It is preferred that you are present, so you can receive important information and ask all your questions (even when there was already at-home care before the admission).


  • Make sure there are enough groceries in the house, or set up a meal delivery service.
  • If possible, take the day off to be present at the intake or exit interview. Packing and moving all your relative’s items can also take up a lot of time.
  • Be aware of any emotional impact on your relative because of their changing home situation.
  • If your relative becomes a member of the patient organisation within the care organisation, they can use several services to make their and your life easier.