Progess review with your relative (and family)

During the recovery or rehabilitation procedure there will be multiple reviews with the care team and your relative to look at the progress of their recovery. The first review will take place within about two weeks. Depending on the situation, you and other family members can be invited as well.

What will be discussed

  • How the recovery goals are going
  • What the possible adjustments in the treatment plan are
  • What it takes to return back home

What the recovery or rehabilitation centre takes care of

Preparation and execution

The care team and treatment team prepare the review. The physician leads it. Other providers might join as well to talk about the situation from their perspective.


When it is desired that relatives join the progress review, you receive an invitation from the with a date, time, and location. During this meeting you will talk about your relative’s progress in recovery. You will also discuss an eventual discharge date.

What you can prepare

It would help if you write down any questions beforehand. You can also think about what you think is necessary to let your relative live back home.


  • Do not be afraid to ask questions
  • To prepare, write down any questions you have
  • If another review is necessary, it is useful to plan this immediately
  • Keep in mind that a discharge date kan never be moved because of relative‚Äôs personal reasons