Getting used to the new home situation

Because your relative has not been home in a while, and their home might have changed, it could take them a while to get used to their new situation.

How you can support your relative

Emotional support

To support your relative when they are getting used to their new situation, check up on them regularly by visiting or calling. It is important that your relative keeps exercising, next to their planned treatments. It can be useful if you join and plan moments to do this regularly.

Practical support

It might be necessary to make meals, shop for groceries, or to help your relative with other daily tasks. Make sure your relative still does as much as they can themselves, even though that might cost more time.

In need of extra support?

Ask the municipality whether your relative is entitled to the Social support act (Wmo) for help in the household.

Planning an evaluation with the care organisation

You might need to plan an evaluation with the care organisation. These could include the at-home care, outpatient assistance and/or primary care.

What the recovery or rehabilitation takes care of


Within a week after moving, the recovery or rehabilitation center will call to ask how things are going and if there are any questions.

Would you like to help care organisations and others in your situation?

Leave a review about the care organisation where your relative went through the recovery or rehabilitation process. This is much appreciated. Go to ZorgKaartNederland. Here, you can tell us about your experience with the recovery and/or rehabilitation process. In this way the care organisations can continue to improve and you can help others who will find themselves in a similar situation in the future.