Applying for a Wlz-indication at the CIZ

When your relative is moving to a permanent residence with care, they have to apply for a Long-term care act (Wlz) indication at the Care Assessment (CIZ). Without this, your relative can not move to a permanent place. This application is done by the recovery or rehabilitation center.

What the recovery or rehabilitation takes care of

The indication request

The geriatric specialist writes a motivation letter to specify which profile within the Long-term care act (Wlz) your relative is applying for. This letter also contains a list of observations made by the center about how your relative is functioning, what they can still do, and where they need help.

Wishes and possibilities

When the indication has been applied for, there is another meeting with the first point of contact and your relative. They will then talk about your relatives wishes and requests regarding a permanent residence with care.

Do you have questions about the best care location for your relative? 

We advise you to talk to your care mediator.

What might be requested from you

Signing the indication

Your relative will have to sign the indication, unless they are no longer legally capable of doing so. In that case, their legal representative will be asked to sign the application.

Talking to the CIZ

CIZ might want to ask questions about your relative, or visit your relative. This is a part of the research they do to get a clear picture. The application will be handeled by the CIZ, so they can give a suitable indicaiton. Sometimes, a person does not get an indication and they will return home.


Calculating your personal contribution

When an indication for the Long-term Care Act (Wlz) has been granted, your relative must pay a personal contribution for the healthcare costs. How high this amount is depends on your relative’s income.

Would you like to know what the personal contribution will be for your relative?

Take a look at the website of the CAK. Here you will find a calculation tool. If you have the financial details of your relative, you can already calculate the personal contribution on the CAK, so that you will not be faced with any surprises. Do you not have this financial information? No problem! The CAK will determine its own contribution on the basis of the data known to the Tax Administration. This step is not required.

Other tips

There are different indications, and not every care serves every indication. That is why it is important to know which indication is being requested before you look for a permanent place to live in the care of your relative. Read more about targeted orientation on the next page.
You can read more about the application for the Long-term care act (Wlz) and the various indications on the CIZ websites and on