Moving to a permanent residence with care

When all preparations are finished, your relative can move to their new residence on the decided moving date.

What you can expect

Exit interview

Some care organisations will organise an exit interview. It is helpful if the first point of contacct is present, so you can receive important information. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions.


It is helpful when you help your relative pack their belongings at their current place. Next to that, furniture and other items have to be moved from the old house to the new residence in care. When there is still a spouse remaining in the old house, you have to purchase new things. To give you some inspiration on what to buy, you can view a packing list below.

Packing checklist

For inspiration on important things to move to a permanent place in care, take a look at the packing checklist.


When everything has been packed up, your relative and their belongings can be moved to the new location. You are responsible for organising this transport.


It is useful if you are present at the intake at the new residence, so you can receive information and ask questions. This intake will be planned by the staff at your relative’s new residence.


  • If possible, take the day off to be present at the intake and the exit interview. Packing and moving your relative and their belongings can also take up a lot of time.
  • If it is not possible to help your relative move or to organise help yourself, social work can help you contact moving companies.You have to pay for these services yourself.