Looking for a permanent residence with care

When the treatment team has come to the conclusion that your relative can not live at home anymore, a permanent residence with care will have to be found. This happens together with the care mediator.

What you can do to orient yourself

Options for a suitable residence

A suitable place does not only depend on your and your relative’s wishes, but also on the indication and the care organisation’s offer. This depends on what type of care an organisation can provide and waiting lists.

Residence preference

To be able to orient, it is important that the Wlz application has been started by the recovery or rehabilitation center. This indication describes what type of care your relative needs. Not every organisation can cater to every profile. When you know the indication, you can start specifically looking for the right care. Because a fitting place in care depends on you and your relatives requests, the indication and the open spots in organisations and their waiting lists, it can take a while before you find the right place.

Found the right place, but with a long waiting time?

In this case, your relative can temporarily stay at another place, until their preferred location has a spot. You can read more about this on the following page.

Online research

You can look at different care organisation’s website to see where your relative could live, and which part of the city has their preference.You can also consider the following aspects:

  • What does the personal room look like?
  • What facilities are available?
  • What kind of identify does the care organisation have?
  • What types of activities are organized?

Curious about the reviews of others?

Take a look at ZorgKaartNederland. Here you can read reviews from others about many care organisations in the Netherlands.

Visit possible residences

If it is possible, visit potential places with your relative to get to know more about them. Many care organisations offer (online) tours.

Registering with the preferred residence

When you have found a suitable residence, the care mediator will register your relative there.

Waiting time and temporary residence

Unfortunately, many care organisations have long waiting lists. That could mean that your relative has to move to a temporary place first. When the recovery or rehabilitation process has been completed and the Wlz-indication has been applied for, your relative can not stay at the recovery or rehabilitation center for long.