Getting started with recovery or rehabilitation

The care team and the treatment team work on your relative’s recovery daily. Depending on your relative’s health, physical therapy, occupational therapy, or other treatments will be used.

What you can do for your relative

  • Come visit and provide emotional support.
  • Motivate your relative to follow the provided therapies and treatments.
  • Motivate your relative to do the prescribed exercises.
  • You can treat your relative with something nice or fun, come visit to play a game for instance.

What the recovery or rehabilitation centre takes care of


The recovery or rehabilitation makes sure your relative receives the right therapy to recover as well as possible. This could be done by a physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist or another specialist. Depending on the problem they will create a schedule, to ensure a good balance between rest and exercise.

Multidisciplinary meetings

Because your relative likely receives care from multiple therapists, they meet to evaluate your relative’s progress in all aspects. The results of these meetings will be shared with your relative, and if necessary with you too. You will read more about this on the next page.