Preparing for the move to a permanent residence with care

It is helpful to prepare before a permanent residence in care is found. For instance packing personal items. It could also be that the control of care shifts. In the end, you and your relative are responsible for the move.

What care organisations will take care of

Confirming the move

The move will be confirmed to the staff of the organisation your relative is staying in at that moment. You will communicate this to you. The care mediator will align with the new residence on the moving date and communicate this to you.

The care transfer

The recovery or rehabilitation center will handle the care transfer to the new residence. They will also forcenter precriptions, and the new facility will order these for your relative. The center will give your relative medication for the first day. If your relative moves to a residence belonging to a different care organisation, the first facility will send them their care file.

What you can prepare

Logistical preparations

When you know the moving date, you can start organising transport to the new residence. Sometimes it is possible to organise this yourself, but if someone is in a wheelchair, you need special transport. The recovery or rehabilitation center can think along with you, but in the end you are responsible for transport

Selling or terminating rent
When no one remains in the home after your relative moves , we advice you to out the house up for sale or terminating the rent as soon as your relative is registered in their in their new home.

Registration munacipality
If your relative is moving to a new municapality , they have to be registered. Check with the care organisation if they do this for your relative, or if you have to do that yourself.

Financial preparations

Expenses for rent and meals in the new residence are covered by the Long-term care act (Wlz). You do have to pay a personal contribution. You can calculate this using the tool on the CAK website. For the first four months, the contribution is lower to prevent double expenses. After that, you have to pay the full contribution, so it is important to cancel old living expenses before then.

Preparing household items

Ask your relative which personal items they want to bring to their new residence. Discuss with the organisation what is necessary and what is useful. Talk to your relative about how they want to furnish their new space, and what has to be purchased. Check the standard inventory and what type of bed your relative needs. To make it easier for your relative to get used to their new space, place their personal items such as photo’s in their new room ahead of the move.

Struggling to figure out what to move?

View the packing checklist for a clear overview.

Informing others

Ask the care facility what has been taken care of in terms of general practitioner, pharmacy and dentist. In some cases the facility has agreements, in others you need to register your relative with a general practitioner or dentist in the area. You can use Zorgkaart Nederland to research providers.


When a place in the preferred location becomes available, it is usually necessary to act quickly. So it is nice to be well prepared.