Evaluation about the next steps

During the recovery or rehabilitation process, the conditions for your relative’s discharge will become more clear. Eventually, a conclusion will be drawn about the possibility of returning home, or if your relative will need to move to a permanent residence with care.

What will be discussed

  • The status of the set goals and criteria
  • What will be changed in the treatment plan
  • When your relative will be discharged
  • Whether your relative will continue to revalidate at home, or whether their home needs changes
  • Whether a new residence withwith care must be considered

What you can prepare

You will receive an invitation from the for this meeting. It is important that you are present. It helps if you write down any questions you have beforehand.

What the recovery or rehabilitation takes care of

Applying for care

When returning home is possible the new home situation will be sidcussed (when it is advised that your relative needs to revalidate at home this advice is binding). If necessary, the applies for at-home care. When returning home is not possible the will explore possible permanent residence with care. They will start with applying for an indication at the Care Assessment (CIZ) for the Long-term Care Act (Wlz).

Social work

When necessary and advised by the social workers kan provide support and guidance.

Care mediation

When returning home is impossible the care mediator kan talk about relatives’ wishes, and look at possibilities inside and outside of the organisation.


Keep in mind that a discharge date can never be postponed for personal reasons of relatives.