Getting used to a permanent residence with care

When your relative has moved to a new residence, this can take some getting used to, both for your relative and for you. It is therefore nice if you can find some time to visit and build new habits together. In addition to offering emotional support and conviviality, there are a number of things that you as a relative can arrange to complete the move properly. You can read more about this below.

How you can help

Furnishing the new residence

Help your relative to furnish their room the way they want it. It is nice to change only small things at first, so your relative still feels comfortable in their room.

Administrative support

Water Authority and waste collection charge If your relative’s partner still lives at home, their water and waste collection charges can be changed to a single person household.

Together with your relative, think about which subscriptions have to be cancelled or changed. These can be things such as:

  • Gas-, water and light
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Lotteries
  • Television and mobile phones

Your relative’s household insurance, WA-insurance and fire insurance can be cancelled. Their new residence has a collective insurance.

Address changes
Change your relative’s address. You can use the moving service of PostNL moving service, so mail will automatically be forwarded.

Informal care

Because the new residence will not provide all types of support, informal care is still important. This can for instance be:

  • Transport tot and from appointments
  • Assistance with activities
  • Small groceries
  • Buying clothes (and in some cases wash them)

Emotional support

Check with your relative how they like the new residence. A new living environment can take some getting used to. It is nice if you can support, for example by visiting regularly. You are no longer tied to visiting hours, so you can visit more flexibly. It is also nice to take things with you for entertainment. Think about; puzzle booklets, tablets and books.

What the new residence takes care of

Obervation period

Usually, there will be an observation period of six weeks to determine if your relative is in the right place. After the observation period, there is an evaluation to decide if your relative will be registered permanently.


Keep in touch with the new residence so that you can ask and answer questions for your relative and so that the care staff knows how to reach you if necessary.

Curious about the differences between a permanent residence with care and a temporary stay in a a recovery or rehabilitation ?

View the answer to this frequently asked question here.

Would you like to help care organisations and others in your situation?

Leave a review about the care organisation where your relative went through the recovery or rehabilitation process or where your relative now lives. This is much appreciated. Go to ZorgKaartNederland. Here, you can tell us about your experience with the recovery and/or rehabilitation process and the current care location of your relative. This way, care organisations can continue to improve and you can help others who will find themselves in a similar situation in the future.